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The essential piece of equipment used in a modern studio is the digital audio workstation, or computer. This allows sounds to be mixed, manipulated and placed in timed synchronization with a motion picture.

At Inspired Sound studio we are strong believers in the benefits of combining digital technology with the magic of the analogue domain. This is why alongside state of the art software and computers, we also like to use classic analogue synthesizers and high class signal processors to set the scene for session musicians to add the often vital human touch.

API 550 EQ
API 225 Compressor
API 212 Mic Pre
G SSL 4000 Compressor
Radioman F660 Limiter
D.A.S. Audiokern Quad Core PC
Apple Macbook Pro
Apple Mac Mini
HP LP3065 30" TFT
Samsung Spinpoint External HDs in Icecube Cases
Nuendo, Cubase und Logic Sequencers
Dynaudio BM 6A MKI Monitors
Yamaha NS-10M Monitors
Avantone Mixcubes Monitors
KRK RP10 Sub
Bryston 2B LP Pro Amp
H+K 6300 Amp
Universal Audio UAD-2 Quad (all Plug-ins)
TC Powercore (System 6000 Algorithms)

Euphonix MC Control
Euphonix MC Mix (X2)
Euphonix MC Transport
Studio Electronics SE-1X Synth
Korg MS 20 Synth
DSI Mono Evolver Synth
Roland Juno 106 Synth
Nord Lead 2X Synth
Casio PX 110 Digital Piano
Brauner Valvet Mic
CAD E300 Mic
Rode NT 5 Mic (2X)
Telefunken M15A Reel to reel tape recorder
Presonus Central Station Monitor Controller
RME Fireface 400 Audio Interface
EMU 1616M Audio Interface
EMU 0404 USB Audio Interface
Steinberg MIDEX 8x8 MIDI
Yamaha E 1010 Analog Delay
Alesis Mod FX serie

Electro Harmonix LPB 2ube
Korg Chaos Pad
Beyerdynamic DT 770 Headphones
Beyerdynamic DT 990 Headphones
Sony MDR-V700DJ Headphones
Verschiedene Orchestral Libraries
Verschiedene Software Sound Generators
Verschiedene Foley Libraries
Vovox, Die Hard und Monster Cables
Flaxakustik Room Treatment
Basotect Room Treatment

Hi speed Wireless Internet
Playstation II